The Idea

Black Pine Sports started with a simple idea of helping people figure out how to be outside more than inside in their lives. We founded this site in 2020 which is the year of everything turning upside down for most humans on earth. Whatever it is you’re wanting to do outside from camping, backpacking, hiking or just exploring the outdoors in a whole new way – we’re here for you. This is your central place of finding the best reviews of the gear you’ll need on your next adventure.

“I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day’s work.”

–Frank Lloyd Wright

The Mission

With this new interest of sharing the best possible product reviews for your next adventure, it’s important that you get the right advice when finding the next best piece of gear for your adventure. There are plenty of people out there looking to make money off of COVID-19 and a quick buck for all the new hobbies we all have. I’ve had endless interest in all the items that are reviewed here.

If you’re looking for someone that has invested interest in making sure you get the best possible reviews, that’s me! I get help from writers but I review everything and make sure we have the highest quality products and reviews for you to make the best decision possible. When you’re thinking about who’s behind a website and if the reviews you’re seeing are written by a human that cares, well – that’s Black Pine Sports. We are here for you in this crazy time and look forward to helping you in your next adventure to being outside more than inside.

The Founder

My name is Andrew McGuire and I was born in the US who has been traveling around the world for the past 30 years. I’ve been camping for 30+ years and feel pretty old writing that since I’m not even 40 yet (writing this in 2020). My first camping trip was when I was younger than 10 and it never stopped. I’ve continued to find more and more adventure spots. Most of my life has been enjoying the outdoors and my most exciting times are finding those moments in time where you can explore a new place and feel like it’s home. If you haven’t felt that – you really should consider traveling more and hopefully this page is giving you some motivation to think about what to do next in the years ahead. I’m here for you and want you to feel confident that Black Pine Sports was created for you by this crazy person you see above. I’m here for you and want you to have the best time of your life so search through the site and find your next adventure. Below you’ll see a picture of the tent for my current crazy family that we can talk about another time. Camping is my favorite thing to do so find your passion and go out there to enjoy.

If you want to contact me or have any specific questions, please head over to our Contact page and let me know what questions you have. I’m glad you’re here. Thanks for stopping by before your next adventure.