Best Budget Ski Jackets

Skiing is one the best winter sports you can participate in.

There is no greater thrill than winding down the slopes with your friends and family, feeling the wind whipping against your skin. 

One of the biggest setbacks that comes with skiing is the cost. You simply cannot go through the harsh weather conditions without all of the gear to keep you safe.

One of the hardest things with skiing is the fact that you cannot really skimp out on ski wear when you need it to keep your body insulated and protected against the elements.

The good news is that you can find impressive ski wear without breaking the bank. We have rounded up the best budget ski jackets that will keep your body and your wallet insulated.

Here is our guide for the best budget ski jackets available. 

In a Hurry?

We know firsthand the thrill of riding the slopes. You cannot wait to get back on your skis and make your way to the piste. If you’re in a hurry to find the best budget ski jacket and hop back to the slalom then look no further. 

The best budget ski jacket is the Moerdeng Men’s Waterproof Ski Jacket. This ski jacket provides you with optimal heat retention and weather protection, without breaking the bank.

With waterproof, windproof and quick dry materials, rest assured that you will be protected from all harsh weather conditions. This ski jacket is available in both mens and womens sizes, with over 8 colors and styles to choose from so you are sure to find one that fits your personality. 

The high quality polyester fabric is durable, insulating and stain proof. In addition, this ski jacket offers soft fluffy lining for ultra comfort and warmth in those chilly ski days. 

What is even better is that this jacket offers 2 side pockets and an additional chest pocket for your valuables. Never again leave your phone behind so you can document and photograph your best skiing memories.

Top 4 Best Budget Ski Jackets


MOERDENG Men's Waterproof Ski Jacket Warm Winter Snow Coat Mountain Windbreaker Hooded Raincoat

If you are looking for a ski jacket that fits all the criteria, keeps you warm and does not leave a gaping hole in your wallet, then the Moerdeng jacket is for you.

This ski jacket has all the features that you need for a great ski experience, whilst remaining way under budget. 

The Moerdeng Ski jacket comes in both mens and womens sizes from small to extra-extra large. With 8 different colors and styles to choose from you are sure to find one that fits your personal preference. 

This jacket is completely waterproof and windproof with quick drying technology and stain resistant materials. The waterproof exterior repels harsh weather conditions whilst the soft fluffy interior maintains your comfort levels. 

What’s more is that this jacket has 2 side pockets and 1 chest pocket to keep all of your valuables safe when riding the slopes!


  • Number one bestseller
  • True to size
  • High quality polyester
  • Soft fluff lining
  • Zip cover
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Stain resistant
  • 2 side pockets and 1 chest pocket for valuables
  • Available in mens and womens sizes
  • 8 color options
  • Breathable fabric with moisture release
  • Comfortable and quick drying


  • Hand wash only


Wantdo Men's Waterproof Mountain Jacket Winter Windproof Ski Coat Parka Khaki S

Another great option that remains on budget and on trend is the Wantdo Men’s Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket.

With 17 different styles and colors to choose from you will definitely stand out in any slope. This jacket caters to all shapes with sizes ranging from small to 3XL. 

The Wantdo ski jacket is made of warm fabric with professional water repellent coating, and fuzzy lining for a comfortable and dry feel. The quick dry material has durable polyester fibers that guarantee the best heat retention in harsh weather conditions. 

With adjustable collar and stretchable cuffs, this ski jacket is completely windproof and keeps your fingers and thumbs tucked away from the cold. The large hood can fit your helmet underneath and still have a snug fit to your face. 

This jacket has a multitude of pockets to take all of your valuables with you. With 2 zippered side pockets, 1 chest pocket, 1 internal pocket and 1 media pocket, you can go for some stress-free skiing, knowing your phone, wallet and keys are always safe. 

This jacket is designed with skiing in mind, and is the perfect addition to your ski gear.


  • Comes in 17 different styles
  • Sizes S-3XL
  • Water repellant
  • Wind resistant
  • Comes with 2 side pockets, 1 chest pocket, 1 internal and 1 smartphone pocket
  • Large hood
  • Thumb holes on cuffs
  • Quick dry material
  • Cozy lining


  • Hand wash only
  • Made from cheaper materials- not long lasting.


OutdoorMaster Men's 3-in-1 Ski Jacket - Winter Jacket Set with Fleece Liner Jacket & Hooded Waterproof Shell - for Men (Desert,S)

For something a little bit different that maximizes your insulation, go for OutdoorMaster Men’s 3-in-1 ski jacket.

This jacket comes in 5 different colors and 4 different sizes! This ski jacket offers the ultimate comfort and versatility. The 3 in 1 jacket is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. 

The 3 in 1 ski jacket comes with both a hooded waterproof shell and inner fleece jacket that can be worn separately and together. The external shell is made from waterproof and breathable materials, with TEFLON surface protection. This product can withstand tough weather conditions. 

The inner fleece is removable with a soft and warming liner that gives extra insulation in cold conditions.

Even better, this jacket is loaded with lots of ski friendly features. The large hood is easily removable, with adjustable cuffs and easy access to chest and side pockets so you can find your ski pass or valuables in the blink of an eye. 

Now you can stay warm, dry and comfortable against the harshest of weather conditions. 


  • 3 in 1 jacket
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Fleece lined interior
  • 5 colors available
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Valuables pockets


  • Limited range of sizes
  • Not as durable as other jackets


GEMYSE Women's Mountain Waterproof Ski Snow Jacket Winter Windproof Rain Jacket (Black, Large)

To make sure the whole family is kitted out and ready to ski, try the Gemyse women’s ski jacket.

This jacket comes in 13 different color and style combinations that will surely match your skis! With sizes from XS-XXL this jacket caters for all body types too. 

The Gemyse ski jacket is insulated, warm and durable with an outer shell that is wear resistant and waterproof. The material is quick drying with reinforced stitching for long wear. Its thick and comfy fabric ensures you are warm and dry at all times, with great breathability. 

With high wind resistance, a multitude of secure pockets, adjustable cuffs and hood, be secure and insulated in any weather conditions.

Be the star of the slopes with this trendy jacket. 


  • Quick drying
  • Waterproof
  • Wind resistant
  • 13 styles
  • Velcro cuffs & removable hood
  • 2 hand, 1 chest, and 1 internal pocket
  • Durable fabric


  • Flimsy zipper
  • Sizes run small

Best Budget Ski Jackets Buying Guide

What to Look for in a Good Ski Jacket

Your ski jacket is a critical part of your skiing experience. The ski jacket is a vital barrier between you and the harsh weather conditions that come with skiing. You need a jacket that will protect you from the cold, rain, snow, and wind. 

Having the right jacket is paramount to your comfort and ability on the slopes. Although ski jackets can be expensive, there are some great budget ones on the market. It is important to ensure that a budget ski jacket still has all the features to keep you safe in harsh conditions. 

One of the most important specifications to look for in a good ski jacket is the fabric. You need something that will insulate your body and keep you sheltered from the elements. But in addition, you need a waterproof and breathable jacket. This way you can keep the snow and rain off you, whilst allowing your sweat and body heat to escape. 

It is vital that you purchase a ski jacket with both waterproof properties and a covering for your zip. Without a velcro or fabric flap covering your zip, water can still seep through.

A high collar will also be very beneficial to you when skiing as it can keep the wind and the chill away from your face and neck. This way you can retain heat better and not worry about the harsh elements. 

Similarly, you should look for a jacket with extra long sleeves or cuffs that come over your hands to keep them warm. There is nothing worse than hands so cold that the wind makes them feel like they are frozen. Ski jackets with handcuffs that hook under your thumbs also prevent any snow or water going into your jacket, whilst making sure that your sleeves never roll up when moving. 

It may also be very advantageous for you to have an interior pocket somewhere on your ski jacket. This way you can keep your valuables safe and sound whilst skiing. 

A small pocket for your wallet or phone is perfect for keeping them handy. It is also a great way to get those perfect scenic shots of the mountains and slopes!

In addition, you may prefer a skiing coat with a pocket for your ski pass. This way it is easy for you to get out whenever you need it for lift uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a waterproof ski jacket?

The best skiing jackets are able to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, whilst keeping you comfortable and insulated inside. You need a ski jacket that will keep snow and water out, whilst allowing you to maintain a happy body temperature. 

This means keeping you warm and protected from the cold, whilst also being breathable enough that you will not overheat. 

You will need a ski jacket that can keep you dry, protect you from moisture, wind and keep you warm. The conditions that come with skiing mean that there will always be snow, powder and water. 

When you think of it this way, yes you should have a waterproof jacket.

Should a ski jacket be tight or loose?

The fit of a ski jacket depends entirely on your own personal preference and comfort levels. You may prefer a looser fit as it will never limit your range of motion. However, some people prefer tighter fitting ski gear as it ensures you are not losing any heat.

That being said, the perfect fit for a ski jacket should be snug and cozy enough to keep you insulated in strong weather, but also not too tight that you feel restricted or bulky. Skiing is an active and strenuous exercise, so you need proper range of movement.

What is a 3 in 1 ski jacket?

A three in one ski jacket is typically a jacket that combines two other jackets that can be worn together. Each jacket is separate, but can be zipped together to form one jacket. This gives you additional protection and extra warmth for harsh weather conditions. 

3 in 1 jackets ensure that you are fully insulated and secure from the elements whilst skiing or participating in winter sports.

Can I wear a ski jacket everyday?

Ski jackets are designed for extremely cold and chilly weather. With this in mind, they are specifically intended for layering up. They can be used for everyday wear but they are not very casual.  

Ski jackets are intended for the sport and therefore may fit a little more snugly, with aerodynamic technology for better speed and agility on the slopes. In this way, some ski jackets can be a little too much or bulky for casual wear. But it depends on your preference. 

If you require a ski jacket that you can use for everyday wear, make sure it has a 2 way zip so that it never restricts your movement for other activities. It may also be beneficial to choose one that is a little more stylish for everyday wear. 

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