Best Camping Knives

Heading out into the wilderness and looking to make sure you’re armed with the gear you need to start fires, cut through foliage and protect yourself from the dangers that lurk there?

Consider a camping knife a pivotal part of your pack.

Depending on your size, strength, and your intentions for usage, there are a variety of knives on the market and there is bound to be one that suits you perfectly - but where should you start looking? Not to worry, we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Whether you’re a nature novice or an environmental expert, we’ve assembled a list of five of the sharpest (haha, get it?) knives on the market now, to make your selection as simple as perusing our product descriptions, pros and cons.

To make things even easier, our useful buyer’s guide breaks down the fundamental elements of a camping knife so you know exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to getting the best quality product.

Are you still stuck on a point? Whatever your remaining queries, concerns or doubts, try our frequently asked questions section, a result of scouring the net to provide customers with answers to their most common queries.

Top 5 Best Camping Knives


If you haven’t got time to waste comparing all of your options, we believe that the Smith and Wesson Extreme Ops makes an excellent choice for a variety of needs and purposes, from a reputable brand you can put your trust in.

Weighing only 3.6 ounces, you’ll hardly notice this durable black oxide, high carbon stainless steel blade is in your pocket, but it certainly packs a punch, made even more rigorous by its aluminum handle. It looks good AND it feels good.

Access your knife in seconds with a handy pocket clip, finger flipper and ambidextrous thumb knobs, so no matter your dominant hand, you’ll be able to flip it up and out with zero hassle - no worries, lefties!

You’ll never run the risk of an accident or blade slip with a secure liner locking system, ensuring that once your knife is folded away, it stays closed up until next time. We advise you still leave it out of reach of prying eyes and little hands, though!


  • Covered by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Excellent quality for an affordable price
  • Textured handle for a comfortable grip


  • Learning how the locking mechanism works can be tricky at first


When purchasing this impressive fifteen inch fixed blade from Mossy Oak, not only do you also get a handy carrying case but two bonus tools for fire starting and blade sharpening; it’s everything you need to survive the wilderness in one convenient package!

Razor-sharp with a clip-point for added precision, the 440C stainless steel blade has been specially designed for hardness, edge retention and rust resistance, with the clip point also featuring a saw back made from black anodize, perfect for survival training.

A soft rubber handle offers high friction, offering a user-friendly, comfortable non-slip grip to ensure your safety and the quality of your cuts when in use - whether hunting, camping, surviving, or partaking in outdoor sports, there’s plenty you can use it for.

Constructed to avoid the instability of a folding knife, users will find it easier than ever to hold this blade steady and perform their most accurate cuts yet, whilst the nylon sheath included can be fitted to your belt or bag for easy access.


  • Sheath, firestarter and sharpener included
  • Unique, semi-serrated edge
  • Full tang - nice and steady


  • Arrives a little dull


In a range of nine colors (with fancy matching cases!) the Companion knife from Morakniv offers a model to suit every customer, whatever your personality! A versatile, fixed-blade knife, it boasts a hardened 12C27 stainless steel blade for carving and food prep alike.

Swedish steel is of the highest quality; being both razor-sharp and exceptionally tough, you’ll find that you have to sharpen it less frequently than a carbon steel blade and that it’s also less prone to rusting to boot. 

A patterned, high-friction handle sits comfortably in your hand, offering more control, greater performance and improved safety, even in tough weather conditions - come rain or shine, you’ll manage to cut perfectly every time.

Both the color-matching plastic sheath and belt clip are included for free with the purchase of your knife, which is also covered by a limited lifetime warranty, so no matter what happens you’ll remain a satisfied customer.


  • Swedish knife offering quality stainless steel
  • Matching plastic sheath for portability
  • Nine colors to choose from


  • Difficult to mount upside-down when sheathed


Okay, we may argue in the buyer’s guide that a multi-tool knife is never going to offer you the best quality, but in this case, we admit defeat, as even with the other features included, the blade itself is still the shining star.

Particularly useful for campers, you’ll find alongside your knife a pair of pliers, a can and bottle opener and screwdriver set, so you’ll never again blunt your blade by trying to use it for bashing open a can of beans at suppertime.

Combining the perks of a folding and a locked knife, you can lock the blade into place when in use to create a more stable, fixed blade using the built-in liner lock, which can then be flicked back open to fold away when you’re finished. 

Blade-wise you’re looking at a premium 440C stainless steel knife weighing a tiny 7.7 ounces; rust-resistant and attractive in a black oxide coating, with an ergonomic grooved handle, amateurs and pros alike will have no problems using this knife.


  • Glass-breaker tip
  • Solid, sharp blade
  • Assisted opening for users needing a helping hand


  • Pocket clip sold separately


Beautiful and alternative, Grand Way’s contribution to the affordable camping knife market is sure to stand out from the crowd, and you’ll never mistake your own blade for someone else’s again with a gorgeous rosewood and black metal handle.

Spring-assisted with a safe, reliable liner lock that can be opened from either hand, you’ll find it opens and closes with no trouble, particularly useful if you struggle to keep a steady hand these days or just need a little extra assistance getting started.

Composed from 550C stainless steel, the blade is sharp and strong, as well as being equipped with a glass breaker for emergency situations should you need it, thoroughly preparing the user for any scenario, no matter how unexpected.

Folding away into your pocket for easy access, just be careful you don’t forget that it’s there! At just under seven ounces, it’s lithe and allows quick movements - if there’s a boy scout in your life who needs a pocket knife for their next camping trip, you might just have found it.


  • Glass-breaker tip
  • Solid, sharp blade
  • Assisted opening for users needing a helping hand


  • Pocket clip sold separately

Best Camping Knives Buying Guide

Having been used since almost the dawn of time, the humble knife comes in many forms with plenty of functions - consider the following features and make sure you pick out a camping knife that will suit your needs, lest you be stuck outside with no protection!

Fixed Or Folding?

A camping knife needs to be suitable for the average user and fit comfortably in your hand, so weight and size won’t be an issue and mean that a fixed blade is more than suitable; usually of a higher quality, stronger, and more flexible, they’re better for rigorous use.

Folding knives, however, are far more compact and easy to carry, meaning you can slip them in your pocket without running the risk of slicing your fingers off! They won’t be as strong or last as long, but if your packing space is limited, it’s a good solution.

Blade Points

There are many types of blade point, each engineered to suit a different purpose, but we’re going to common the three most commonly used in camping knives:

Drop-point: A great shape for strength and user-friendliness, they’re strong, solid and can withstand a hell of a lot of use before they’ll need sharpening.

Sheepsfoot: This blade profile is often used for woodcutting work as it lower’s your chances of stabbing yourself, whilst retaining strength and durability

Clip-point: Featuring a crescent drop at its tip, you’ll achieve maximum precision with a clip-point, excellent for the less rough tasks that need a more steady hand.


You’ll find that the majority of knives are constructed from steel, but did you know that metals come in different strengths? Softer steels are much easier to shape into that classic razor edge and sharpen up quickly, but they also blunt much faster and can be less durable.

Harder steels are more resilient and will last longer, but you’ll have a harder time sharpening and shaping them. Non-stainless steels are also utilized in some knives, which can be sharpened without the use of tools and are more likely to retain their edge, but prone to rust.

Carbon steel is incredibly tough and is usually reserved for the knives of those brave (or perhaps, foolish) survivalists heading into the deepest darkest corners of the world, but if that’s you, then hey - get a carbon knife! Otherwise, simple stainless steel should suffice.


It’s likely if you’ve been checking out knives to buy you’ve seen the term ‘tang’ flying around, describing products as half or full tang, and wondered what on earth it might mean. For fixed blades, it refers to how far the steel of the blade extends into the handle of the knife.

A quarter or half tang knife is ideal for most of your typical camping needs, and if made properly, will offer enough stability for an average or professional user. Full tang knives are better for beginners and those performing heavy-duty tasks, as they’re far more durable.


Tougher knives may have been improved with a coating over their steel blades, not only serving to protect it from damage during use, but increasing its lifespan considerably and offering the opportunity for some attractive designs.

However, by using a coating, it becomes near-impossible to use the blade’s spine with a fire starter, which means you need to use the blade itself and risk dulling; they are sometimes known to chip or grind when sharpening and can be hard to clean, so may cause trouble.

Multi-tools - to buy or not to buy?

When you’re looking for a quality knife, you don’t want to think about everything else it can do; your primary concern should be the quality, durability and strength of the blade, which is usually limited when it comes to multi-tools.

If you really want to have access to a corkscrew, some screwdrivers and a pair of wire cutters when you next head out camping, consider having both a multi-tool and a dedicated camping knife, which should provide the best of both worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you carry a knife when hiking?

If you’re a young hiker, a woman, or you’d just feel safer with a bit of protection when you head off up a hill, it is legal to carry a pocket knife whilst out exploring, so long as it meets the legal parameters for what qualifies as a tool and which knives are weapons.

Is it legal to carry a pocket knife?

Although you cannot bring them into government buildings or obvious places like schools and when flying by plane, most states permit the carrying of a pocket knife but each imposes their own limitations, like age restrictions, blade length limits or a ban on fixed blades.

It’s always worth checking the law for your state before committing to purchase because there’s nothing worse than finding out too late that your local area has its own specific rules that your new knife doesn’t follow! It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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