Best Knee Brace For Hiking

The great outdoors. How many of us ventured out during lockdown to our green spaces for exercise, and sometimes our only form of social interaction?

Whether you are a hiking newbie or a seasoned hiker, one thing is for certain, our bodies can be pushed to their limits as we climb. 

Knees in particular can be vulnerable as we put pressure on them in the pursuit of new heights and let’s face it, gorgeous views. 

Best knee brace for hiking

A knee brace is often a great option, it provides security for the knees, and peace of mind for our brains as we hike. 

There are loads to choose from, and it's an overwhelming trying to find the best knee brace for hiking.

But fear not! You have found us and we are here to help! With some great choices, a handy buyer’s guide, and an FAQ section; you and your knees will be hiking in no time! Braced and ready to go!

In a hurry? See our top pick below, grab your brace, and head to the hills!

Top 5 Best Knee Braces for Hiking


Patella Knee Strap for Knee Pain Relief for Hiking, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball & Squats (1 Piece), Black

Abco’s affordable brace is a great option! 

It’s made from high quality nylon and neoprene making it a light and soft brace to use. The material makes it a durable brace as well meaning it will last you a while. 

The strap is adjustable and fits just below the knee with hook and loop fastener straps which help to keep it in place with its non-slip design. Its designed with a universal fit so you are guaranteed to be safe and secure in this brace!

The brace is designed to curve to the shape of your knee providing the perfect fit. Some customers did find that on smaller legs they could not get the brace tight enough to offer optimum compression so be aware of that before purchasing. 

Acbo offers a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee as well so you know you are in safe hands! 


  • Affordable
  • High quality material 
  • Non slip design to keep in place all day
  • Adjustable strap 
  • Universal fit 


  • Some customers found it difficult to get the desired fit on smaller legs


Sable offers a two pack of knee braces in either black or orange ranging from size Small to X-Large.

The size depends on a measurement taken four inches above your knee cap so make sure you have a measuring tape handy before purchasing these!

An affordable option, with a wider coverage to ensure pressure is distributed evenly. The brace covers your knee joint, above and below the knee to keep you well covered and protected! 

The flexible breathable fabric allows you to keep your knee moving. You can rest easy as the brace is also FDA registered. 

The tight compression helps reduce and stress and swelling on the knee, great for those extra-long hikes! 

Its knitted design is great for all joints as well as helping to reduce odors and absorb sweat quickly! It is completed with a silicone anti-slip design and will fit tightly to your leg with no need to re-adjust, perfect while you are on the go! 

However, some customers did find the brace slipped a little in use so consider this before purchasing.


  • Affordable 
  • Range of sizes 
  • Covers the whole knee 
  • Flexible, breathable fabric 
  • 2 pack


  • Some customers found the brace slipping while in use


EXOUS BODYGEAR Knee Brace Meniscus Tear Support Fits Women, Men For Arthritis Acl, Mcl Pain Patented 4-way Adjustable NonSlip Wraparound Strap Dual Side Stabilizer For Patella Stability Size [medium]

At the pricier side of things is the Exous knee brace.

Designed to aid in pain relief, especially for those suffering with osteoarthritis and sporting injuries it's a great option for those on a bigger budget!

It features an open patella design and sets itself apart from other hiking braces thanks to its four-way compression system.

The four-way compression allows for 360 degrees of knee support, providing you with a full range of motion also!

It supports your knee from every angle and offers weak knees a sense of stability, perhaps an excellent one to avoid feeling weak at the knees on a hiking date! 

Designed for all day comfort the brace is lined inside with jacquard lycra which is designed to be friendlier to skin and stop itching and odor. 

The comfort gap allows heat to escape leaving your knees sweat and odor free while you hike. It is also slimline so perfect for wearing underneath your clothes. 

The size guide shows the minimum and maximum measurements that it provides the best fit for, so it's worth bearing in mind this may not be suitable for everyone. 


  • Aids in pain relief 
  • 4 way compression support 
  • Non-slip
  • Comfortable material 
  • Stops odor


  • Pricier than other braces


IPOW 2 Pack Knee Pain Relief & Patella Stabilizer Knee Strap Brace Support for Hiking, Soccer, Basketball, Running, Jumpers Knee, Tennis, Tendonitis, Volleyball & Squats, Black

IPOW offers a two pack of knee braces in a range of colors so there's guaranteed to be one that suits you and your hiking gear (gotta be matching!). 

The brace sits in the middle of the price range and comes in a one size fits most design. Sitting below your knee, the band is designed to curve to your knee providing a secure fit. 

The brace is designed to be shock absorbing, relieving pressure from your knees as you hike. 

It's fully adjustable and features a double knot design to secure. It's comfortable and features a non-slip stay in place design to keep you hiking and not hiking the brace up!

IPOW offers a non-itching material with a targeted pressure pad that is easy to put on and remove so you can get going quickly and safely. 


  • 2 pack 
  • Fully adjustable 
  • non -slip
  • Shock absorbing 
  • Curves to your knee


  • Not suitable for all, one size fits most style


BLITZU Knee Compression Sleeve for Men & Women – Best Knee Brace Support for Running, Gym, Workout, Fitness, Weightlifting. Joint Pain Relief, Arthritis, ACL, Meniscus Tear and Injury Recovery

BLITZU offers a pair of compression sleeves that are affordable. 

They are designed to reduce pain and protect your joint. They are particularly good for those with arthritis, joint pain, tendonitis, post-surgery swelling or strains and sprains. 

The sleeve is comfortable made from high quality material making it ultra durable, washable and breathable. It's designed to be worn for daily use if needed. 

The knee brace features a patella stabilizer which will hold the knee joint in place providing security and stability while hiking. 

It also features a massaging action thanks to its gentle compression during movement that will keep your knee feeling great! Combined with the heating effect to improve circulation and aid muscle recovery your knee will absolutely thank you for this brace!

It's made with anti-slip silicone gel around the top of the sleeve to keep it in place  while you hike. Its 4D knitting technology helps to keep it in place and your knee warm, without the sweaty, slippery feel. 

It comes in sizes small through large, with you measuring 4 inches above the centre of your knee to find your size.  Some customers found the sizing ran a little small so be aware of this before you buy and possibly consider up sizing to ensure your perfect fit. 

BLITZU offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a one year warranty so you can rest easy knowing you and your knee are in safe hands. 


  • Affordable 
  • Massaging action
  • Multiple sizes 
  • Anti-slip
  • High quality material


  • Some customers found the sizing a little small

Best Knee Brace For Hiking Buying Guide

Use our buyers guide below to find the key features to watch out for and leave prepared and confident to purchase your knee brace! 


There are three main types of knee braces which are all suitable for hiking: knee caps, knee straps, and dual-action knee strap. 

A knee cap is a lightweight stretchy sleeve that will slip over your knee and provide support all around. These can go over or underneath your clothes and can be especially good for rough terrain. 

Knee straps protect the back of the joint, so a good option for the athletes in the virtual room. They come in various sizes and are better suited for those on longer hikes. If the weather is never an issue, a fleece knee warmer over your knee strap is also a good idea!

Dual-action knee straps are most commonly bought by hikers as it offers support both above and below the knee. If you know you have a general weakness around the knee joint, enjoy longer hikes, or are returning to hiking after a break this is a good option.

It is also a good option for those who have had knee surgery or those whose knee pain is exasperated by the cold weather. 

Remember to check with your doctor if you are experiencing knee pain and that this is only general advice! A knee specialist will be able to offer tailored medical advice should you need it.  


There are a few different styles you can go across the types we have just looked at. 

Sleeves slip over the knee. They can be comfortable to wear and keep your knee warm so great for the colder hikes. 

Supports are adjustable and wrap around the knee to provide their support. 

Hinges allow the knee to move freely giving you more flexibility than some other options

Stabilizers are fitted with steel springs on either side so provide the most comfort. 

Closed patella gives compression and support to the entire knee. 

Open patella gives movement to the kneecap as well as relieving pressure. 


A knee brace, particularly when hiking, is going to be on your leg for a while so it's worth investing in the right material. 

Ideally something lightweight and breathable is best, as this will help to stop any unnecessary sweating which could compromise the non-slip quality of the brace. 

Nylon is commonly used, as well as lycra, both of which are stretchy and should stay put for you. Some braces also feature a knitted design on their material, designed to keep your knee warm and stop the brace from slipping. 

It's always worth checking the material to avoid any nasty reactions, especially when you are hiking through the wilderness! 

Size Matters

Some knee braces are available in a one-size-fits-all affair, but to get the most comfortable and supporting fit is better to go for a brace that comes in multiple sizes. 

The measurements will depend on the style and type of brace you are buying. Be sure to measure across the center of your knee as well as above and below the knee to get your desired fit. 

Check the size guides on the brace before buying and remember to look for a returns policy just in case the fit isn’t perfect! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a knee brace?

A knee brace is worn to support your knee joint, medically known as the patella.

There are many reasons why you would wear one hiking such as an injury to your knee which has compromised it, if you have a long term medical condition, a short term condition which can cause pain or swelling or if you have undergone surgery and need to protect your knee from wear and tear. 

Do I need a knee brace?

A knee brace is a great way to protect your knee while hiking and provide additional support to your knee joint and surrounding muscles. If you are concerned about new or continued pain to your knee it is always worth speaking to a doctor or physiotherapist.

A knee brace can provide short-term pain relief and additional comfort to your knee, particularly for those keen hikers that like to push themselves. If you feel like your knee is suffering they can be a great solution. 

A knee brace can also act as a preventative measure by providing support for healthy knees, those new to hiking may consider keeping one handy just in case for those longer hikes!

Will a knee brace help while hiking?

The knee brace can  prevent any further damage to an already damaged knee whilst hiking which can be helpful especially for those who have had surgery to their knee. (your surgeon may recommend one to you if this is the case!)

A knee brace will allow knees who have already suffered injury or cause you pain to continue hiking. It gives you comfort in knowing you can carry on doing the activities you love, no dodgy knee can stop you now!

A knee brace can also help to reduce the amount of pain or swelling to your knee whilst hiking. 

Will a knee brace relieve pain?

Your knee brace can help to relieve any pain you may experience whilst hiking, yes. The compression design will help relieve any pain you may experience, especially on bumpy terrains. 

The brace can also help to reduce any swelling alongside pain and can be useful particularly on longer hikes to keep you going. Remember if the pain continues or worsens to take a break and/or seek medical advice! 

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