Best Summer Sleeping Bag

There’s something magical about taking some time off to go on a camping trip, be it alone, with family, or with a group of friends.

It’s even better during the summer, as the weather is much nicer and you might have the perfect conditions for sleeping outdoors without the need for a tent, just you, snuggled into your sleeping bag, and a vault of stars above.

Or maybe you’re just having a sleepover, and there’s so many of you that a few are sleeping on the floor, sleeping bags covering the room. It’s clear that sleeping bags are the perfect on the go solution for sleeping comfortably.

Most sleeping bags are designed to be as warm as possible, so you don’t feel cold. But what about those summer nights? If the sleeping bag is too warm, you’ll have trouble sleeping well and might feel suffocated as well as extremely sweaty. That is why buying season appropriate sleeping bags is such a good idea.

With the vast amount of options in the market, there really is no excuse to suffer through ill-fitted sleeping bags. But because the number of choices can also be a bit overwhelming, we’ve compiled a list with our top picks for the overall best summer sleeping bags.

With these options, you can be snug and keep cool at the same time!

In a hurry?

Summer comes around, and with the warmer weather, the struggle of finding an appropriate sleeping bag is that you don’t want to feel too hot inside it, while still being able to feel snug and warm enough to sleep comfortably.

If you’re looking for a good summer sleeping bag and you’re not sure which product is the best, we recommend you go for our number one pick, as it is the overall best: the Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag.

This is a bestselling product with an overwhelming amount of positive reviews, and Oaskys is a great and reliable brand when it comes to sleeping bags! This sleeping bag can be used during any season but is best suited for summer, as its comfort temperature is between 50 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

If it does get chilly, the double-filled technology will keep you just as warm, as it is weather-resistant under harsher conditions too. Made out of anti-tearing polyester, it’s not only water-proof but extremely breathable.

And for those summer nights in which you need extra breathability, this sleeping bag has a free-feet feature with a separate zipper at the bottom to stick your feet out. Comfortable, warm, and perfect for hotter weather, it’s a versatile and reliable choice!

Top 5 Best Summer Sleeping Bags


oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag - 3 Season Warm & Cool Weather - Summer Spring Fall Lightweight Waterproof for Adults Kids - Camping Gear Equipment, Traveling, and Outdoors

Oaskys is a great brand to turn to when looking for high-quality sleeping bags to meet your needs.

Not only do they offer a bestselling product, but it also comes with an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and high ratings!

This sleeping bag can be used across all the different seasons, but it is ideal for warmer temperatures as it is designed for comfort between 50 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, the double-filled technology it features makes it weather-resistant, ensuring you still remain comfortable if a summer storm comes along, with its rain and lowered temperatures. 

It’s made out of anti-tearing polyester fabric which is water-proof and extremely breathable, keeping you protected while you remain cool.

The half-circle hood at the top has adjustable drawstrings, and there’s a separated zipper at the bottom for you to stick out your feet if they get too warm. 

The sleeping bag comes with a compression bag with straps included so that it’s easily stored and easy to transport. Its measurements are 31.5 x 86.6 x 3 inches.

It really is the overall best choice for comfort and protection during summer weather, and the free-feet feature is perfect for attaining that temperature balance!


  • Best Selling product from a highly reliable brand
  • Designed for comfort between 50 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Double-filled technology for weather resistance
  • Anti-tearing polyester fabric - breathable and water-proof
  • Free-feet feature with separated zipper at the bottom
  • Includes compression bag with strips


  • No downsides


REVALCAMP Lightweight Blue Sleeping Bag Indoor & Outdoor use. Great for Kids, Youth & Adults. Ultralight and Compact Bags are Perfect for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping & Travel

The RevalCamp Sleeping Bag is the perfect choice for comfortable and versatile use, with a practical super lightweight, and compact design.

There are two different sizes to choose from which have different temperature comfort levels.

The Envelope option is suitable for temperatures above 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and the Rectangular option is suitable for temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the more summery out of the two. 

It can be easily packed into a compact carrying bag it comes with, within seconds, as there’s no need to properly fold or roll it.

At 30 x 71 inches, this sleeping bag is roomy and comfortable, and if that’s not enough space, you can attach two sleeping bags together thanks to the side zipper they have.

There are 23 different colors to choose from, which has made this sleeping bag especially popular amongst children and families.

Extremely comfortable and perfect for water weathers, it’s a great and fun option for summer adventures!


  • Extra lightweight and compact design
  • 2 different sizes with temperature comfort levels
  • Two sleeping bags can be attached together
  • 23 colors to choose from


  • Not very weather resistant


MalloMe Sleeping Bags for Adults Cold Weather & Warm - Backpacking Camping Sleeping Bag for Kids 10-12, Girls, Boys - Lightweight Compact Camping Gear Must Haves Hiking Essentials Sleep Accessories

If you’re looking for a versatile sleeping bag that will get you comfortably through not only summer temperatures but the cold too, then the MalloMe Camping Sleeping Bag might be the one for you.

It is truly great for all seasons, with a comfortable temperature level that ranges between 35 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

The combination of a double-layer technology, hexagon-shaped fabric, and S-shaped stitching, allows the sleeping bag to be completely weather-resistant and water-proof.

Made 100% with polyester, it’s also a very comfortable option that will get you an excellent night’s sleep. It includes a compression bag for storage and easy transportation and is very lightweight and durable.

The double-sided zippers are snug free, and the sleeping bag also features drawstrings for the hood and a velcro securing strap.

You can also create an opening at the bottom of the sleeping bag to poke your feet through and keep extra cool during the summer, thanks to a free-feet feature. 


  • Temperature comfort range between 35 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Weather-resistant and water-proof
  • Made 100% from high-quality polyester
  • Free-feet feature
  • Versatile and convenient


  • Not as durable as other sleeping bags


The EcoPro Warm Weather Sleeping Bag is an excellent choice if you’re looking for advanced comfort during summer adventures.

It has a comfortable temperature range between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The outer material is made from Nylon, and the lining is 100% Polyester, combining the best of both for high comfort with great protection from weather conditions.

It is completely waterproof whilst remaining breathable, with the added bonus of being soft on your skin.

With a measurement of 83 x 30 inches, it’s a good accommodating size for all. The sleeping bag can be easily rolled up and packed into its compact bag, making it very easy to store and transport.

Overall, it’s a great and comfortable option for any type of summer adventure which requires a sleeping bag, easy to carry with you anywhere!


  • Comfortable temperature range between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Outer material made from Nylon, lining from 100% polyester
  • Water-proof, breathable, and soft on your skin
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Not very versatile


REDCAMP Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag for Backpacking, Comfort for Adults Warm Weather, with Compression Sack Green (75'x 32.5')

The RedCamp Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag, just as the name suggests, is ultra-lightweight and perfect for taking with you anywhere you go.

It comes in two different available sizes: rectangular and hooded. (Females are recommended to use the hooded size for extra comfort).

It has a comfortable temperature range between 59 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for that warmer summer weather.

Made from polyester, it’s been designed for a high level of quality and is also highly durable with a long lifespan. The size is 75 x 32.7 inches, and the sleeping bag comes with a compression bag for easy storage and transportation.

There’s a reverse zipper, which can unzip all the way to turn the sleeping bag into a cover blanket if it gets too hot, and it also allows for two sleeping bags to be zipped together into a bigger one.

Comfortable and extremely convenient, it covers all the basics to keep you snug and cool during the summer!


  • Ultra-lightweight and convenient
  • Comes in 2 different sizes
  • Comfortable temperature range between 59 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Reverse zipper all the way down


  • Not very weather-resistant

Best Best Summer Sleeping Bag Buying Guide

Sleeping bags are often designed to withstand cold temperatures, to ensure that you stay nice and warm during camping trips or other adventures.

However, during summer, the weather is a lot hotter and you’ll need a sleeping bag that can adapt so that it keeps you warm without you feeling overheated or suffocated.

There are many great options for summer sleeping bags available in the market, but there might be too many for you to feel confident enough when choosing.

There are a few basic factors to consider that can weigh in on your decision, and to help you understand them better we’ve explained them in this small buyer’s guide.


What makes a sleeping bag suitable for one season or another, is the temperature levels at which it functions comfortably. Therefore, for summer sleeping bags, you’ll want to look for temperature ranging around 50 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

You’ll also want to make sure that, although well insulated and able to resist different weather conditions, the sleeping bag is highly breathable so it allows for you to remain cooler and comfortable during summer.

Usually, summer sleeping bags will be made out of synthetic fabric, such as polyester, as it offers that slightly cooler insulation.

It also makes the sleeping bag a lot more lightweight, so that’s an easy indicator of a sleeping bag suitable for warmer weather. 


Quite often, sleeping bags will come as one size to fit all. However, it can be very helpful to check the measurements of a sleeping bag to make sure it’s as big as you want it for your personal comfort.

Sleeping bags can also come in different shapes, usually either rectangular or hooded. This is completely down to personal preference, but the hooded shape will often have drawstrings to adjust the hood and further protect your head from the cold. 

Some sleeping bags will have a zipper all the way down the side that also lets them attach onto another sleeping bag of the same type, creating one big sleeping bag for extra room and comfort. 

Weather Resistance

Despite each sleeping bag having a temperature range in which it works at its best, it’s good to check if your sleeping bag would be able to do relatively well in harsher conditions, as you never know when a summer storm might hit.

It’s also good if the sleeping bag has weather-resistant features such as being water-proof. Not only is this useful for when you get caught in the rain, but also for dealing with dampness throughout the night or in the early mornings. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it warmer in a sleeping bag with less clothes on?

There are many myths going around that state that being naked inside your sleeping bag helps you be warmer.

While being naked will warm you up faster, it will not keep you warmer through the night.

Sleeping bags are designed to trap the heat from your body, and wearing clothes adds an extra layer of insulation that will further trap warmth and keep you from being cold.

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