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Going camping is one of the greatest outdoor adventures you can take part in.

It can be as low-budget or as fancy as you like, in plenty of different locations, alone or with people, and it’s an all-around great experience!

Of course, you need the necessary equipment to go camping, primarily: a tent.

And when you set up a tent, there’s a vital part of the equipment, often overlooked, that is needed for a proper and secure setup; stakes. 

Don’t worry, we’re not referring to any wooden stakes needed to kill vampires in the middle of the night (unless you’re camping out in Transylvania), we’re referring to the stakes needed to hold down a tent so it’s secured to the ground and won’t fly off if it’s extra windy.

Also known as tent pegs, they ensure the tent stays put in its place by either connecting it to the ground directly or through ropes that attach to the tent and the stake. 

Buying tent stakes is a must to set up your tent correctly and safely, and will help avoid situations such as the tent flying away or coming apart due to strong winds or other bad weather.

However, there are many types of tent stakes, suitable for different types of ground or apt for withstanding different conditions.

The market is full of different options, so it can be a bit overwhelming to try and choose the best product for your needs.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list with our top picks for the best tent stakes.

In a hurry?

Buying the right tent stakes is a lot more important than people think, and it can determine the outcome of your camping experience.

You need to choose good reliable stakes that will be able to adequately pin your tint to the ground so it’s secure throughout the night.

If you’re ready to go on your camping trip, and all you’re missing are the stakes, then we recommend you go straight for our number one pick for best tent stakes: the Eurmax Galvanized Camping Stakes.

This product is offered by a highly popular and well-known brand, backed by an overwhelming amount of satisfied customers and positive reviews.

Made from galvanized steel, these stakes have guaranteed durability, as they are anti-corrosion and are ideal for enduring outdoor conditions. The product comes in a pack of 10, with four 10ft ropes and a green stopper also included.

All you need in a single purchase! They have milled points to prod into those tougher soils, and a large head for mallet driving, so you can rest assured that they’ll dig into most grounds without a struggle.

They’re reliable and high-quality, able to withstand strong winds securely. Usable in sand, grass, dirt, and even the tougher rocky grounds.

Top 5 Best Tent Stakes


Eurmax USA Galvanized Non-Rust Camping Family Tent Pop Up Tent Stakes Ice Tools Heavy Duty 10pc-Pack, with 4x10ft Ropes & 1 Stopper

Eurmax is a huge brand with many different camping-related products on offer, known for its high-quality and customer satisfaction.

The Galvanized Camping Stakes it offers have an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and ratings, making it go straight to the top of our list. It comes in a pack of 10 stakes, with four 10ft ropes and a green stopper.

Made from galvanized steel, these stakes are resistant to corrosion and rust, making them perfect for enduring in the outdoors. They have milled points to better prod into hard soils, with a large head for mallet driving with ease.

They have an overall length of 10 inches and are designed to be heavy-duty for high durability and performance. They will secure and anchor the tent and remain firm through heavy winds. Ideal for use in dirt, sand, grass, and harder soil such as rocky ground.

Easy to set up and extremely reliable, so you can calmly enjoy your camping trip without worrying about your tent. 


  • Highly reliable and popular product
  • Galvanized steel
  • Milled points and large head
  • Comes in a pack of 10, with 4 ropes, and a green stopper included
  • Heavy-duty and high performance
  • Ideal for dirt, sand, grass, and rocky ground


  • No downsides


IIT 71021 9 inch 30-Piece Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs-Garden Stakes, Silver

If you’re looking for the traditional and most common design, the IIT 71021 Camping stakes are the classic stakes that have been anchoring down tents efficiently since forever.

As this product comes in a pack of 30 pieces, you can rest assured that you’ll have enough to peg down a tent, no matter how big, and even if you lose one or two along the way (something that tends to happen with tent stakes!)

Made from galvanized steel, it’s highly resistant to outdoor conditions, ensuring durability and reliable performance. Each stake measures 9 inches in length, with a 1-inch hook at the end with which to attach a rope for anchoring.

The design for these stakes has been the standard classic option for a long time, proving its reliability and use. They’re very easy to prod into the ground and can be used in almost any condition.

However, they’re for very basic use and not the aptest for extreme conditions or locations that require a more specialized design. 


  • Classic, standard design
  • Pack of 30 pieces
  • Galvanized steel for durability and resistance
  • Easy to use in any basic camping situation


  • They bend easily


MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit, 6-Pack, Regular - 7.5-Inch , Red

If you’re looking for tent stakes that are more professional in their design, suitable for that advanced camping life in which you need extra security in your tent anchoring, then the MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit is the product for you.

This product is truly an upgrade, designed by the Mountain Safety Research to provide you with reliable high-performance. The stakes come in a pack of 6, and they measure a length of 7.5 inches.

They’re made from aluminum for high durability, which also means they are extremely lightweight, perfect if you’re carrying all of your equipment with you as you hike your way to the location.

They have a three-sided Y-beam design which means they penetrate the ground a lot easier and have greater holding power in most types of soil.

They also have a reflective pull loop attached at the top, for easy removal and so you know where they are in the dark. (An extremely handy feature, as it’s super easy to trip over tent stakes at night!)

Highly efficient and engineered for reliable performance, perfect for more serious campers!


  • Designed and manufactured by the Mountain Safety Research
  • Pack of 6
  • Made from aluminum - lightweight and durable
  • Three-sided Y-beam design 
  • Highly reliable and suitable for advanced camping


  • Notches at the top are straight instead of hooked


Coleman Tent Stakes Steel C004

Most tent stakes struggle when it comes to harder or rockier grounds, whether because they can’t quite prod their way into the soil or because they’ll get damaged or blunt.

That’s why we wanted to include a choice specifically for that type of terrain. The Coleman Steel Nail Tent Pegs have been designed for stony, hard-packed ground.

The product comes in a pack of 4, with each stake measuring 10 inches long. Made from plated steel, these stakes are highly durable and resistant to high impact.

The tops are made from polypropylene, with a thread-through design for the guy lines and a small hook for the stakeout points.

They are highly reliable during harsh conditions and stronger than average winds, with customers claiming that they don’t even budge.

Ideal for when you’re camping in rougher terrains, like higher up in the mountain.


  • Ideal for rougher terrain with rocky ground
  • Pack of 4
  • Plated steel - highly durable and resistant to impact
  • Thread-through design in the tops, with a small hook
  • Extremely reliable during strong winds and harsh weather


  • The head isn’t as durable as the rest of the stake


Vargo Titanium Shepherds Hook Stake with Fluorescent Orange Head (6 Pack) | Camping Tent Stakes 0.3 Ounces (8 Grams) 6.5” L x 0.14” D (165 x 3.5mm) Ultralight Durable Tent pegs Model T-117

The Vargo Ti Shepherds Hook Stakes have been designed with a great focus on practicality and efficiency.

They have the same design as the standard classic stakes, but it’s been slightly altered to feature other efficiencies.

Made from titanium, it’s highly durable and strong, and is one of the most lightweight stakes in the market. It doesn’t rust or corrode, making it highly resistant to outdoor conditions, and the flexible nature of titanium helps it prevent damage from bending.

The top end of the stake, including the hook, has a high-visibility orange coating, so you can always see where your stakes are and you avoid tripping over them or losing them.

They’re highly reliable and usable in most ground types. Easy to be dug into the soil and with good resistance to wind and weather conditions while they keep your tent anchored in place. 


  • Made from titanium - highly durable and extremely lightweight
  • Resistant to bending damage
  • Classic design with a big hook
  • High-visibility orange coating
  • Easy to use and reliable


  • For basic camping use only

Best Tent Stakes Buying Guide

Purchasing tent stakes might not be at the top of your to-do list when you’re preparing for a camping trip, but trust us, they’re highly important.

They keep your tent well anchored and secured to the ground so that you can remain safe even if the wind picks up and tries to blow the tent away.

However, there are many different types of tent and many competing brands that will try and claim to be the best option, so it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out which tent stakes are the most suitable for your specific needs.

There are various factors to consider when buying your pack of tent stakes, as you need to make sure they cover all the basic needs to a high standard.

There are also different bonus features you can look for to enhance performance, efficiency, and comfort.

To help you figure it all out, we’ve created a small buyer’s guide explaining the basics. And once you’re done and ready to go, you can enjoy your camping experience stress-free!

Types of Tent Stakes

Tent stakes can be easily classified by their design and shape, which can affect their performance in different types of soil. 

-Shepherd’s hook: this is the standard and classic design for tent stakes, and the most commonly used among campers. It’s ideal for any type of basic camping, and the big hook helps it strongly hold the guy lines in place. 

-Y-stakes: these are stakes that are shaped like a Y, usually used for more advanced mountain camping as they have a very strong grip and they’re slightly more lightweight than average, making them perfect for carrying around on hikes.

-V-stakes: usually made from aluminum, they are very similar to the Y-stakes but are a lot more lightweight and have a slightly weaker grip.

-Snow or Sand stakes: these are specially designed for sand or snow, as they are terrains in which stakes struggle to grip and remain secure. They have a bigger surface area and they have several holes running down so that they are filled with the snow or sand when pegged into the ground, which helps them stay in place. 

Material and Holding Strength

The material out of which a stake is made will determine its durability, as well as whether it is lightweight or not, and how resistant it is to outdoor conditions.

Most stakes are made out of galvanized steel or aluminum, but they can be made out of wood, plastic, titanium, and many other materials.

The design of the tent stake will determine its grip in the ground and will affect the holding strength.

It’s important to check the type of terrain the stake is good with so that it is suitable for the camping trip you have in mind. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you set up a tent without stakes?

With the right knowledge and resources, you can attempt to secure your tent onto the ground by placing heavy rocks around the edges or using wooden sticks that you find and sharpen yourself.

However, these are not reliable in the slightest and you run the risk of having your tent blow away. 

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