Best Tents For Heavy Rain

When you go camping, one of the things that you always need to prepare for is bad weather.

You might hope for sunshine and fair winds, but that definitely isn’t always the case.

Sometimes, the weather can be torrential, so you need a tent that will be able to withstand heavy rain.

The majority of tents are relatively waterproof as they are mostly made from polyester, but some are better than others.

For heavy rain, you need a tent that is strong and sturdy and won’t dip and become weighed down by pools of water.

With heavy rain usually comes strong winds, so you need something that will stay put through as much bad weather as you can take (before you eventually decide you’ve had enough and head home).

But, if even the worst weather can’t stop you from your camping trips, then read on to find the best tents for heavy rain.

Top 5 Best Tents For Heavy Rain


Sizes when unfolded:

4 Person: 8ft x 8ft x 4.11”

6 Person: 10ft x 9ft x 5ft 6”

8 Person: 13ft x 9ft x 6ft 6”

10 Person: 13ft x 9ft x 6ft 6”


4 Person: 17lbs

6 Person: 19lbs

8 Person: 27lbs

10 Person: 31lbs

Color(s) Available: Blue and white

Our top pick for the best tent for heavy rain is this QT tent as it is super waterproof and sturdy. The rainfly on this tent is not flush with the tent walls so, rather than just being an extra layer against water, it will deflect the water away from the main walls.

This tent is super spacious and well ventilated. Even the smallest size (4 person) is large with enough room for a queen size air bed. 

It is more expensive in its larger sizes, but even the biggest version is good value, especially with all of its great features.

This tent has a waterproof doormat included which will provide extra protection against wet weather. You will be able to leave muddy shoes on it and it will also provide an extra barrier against the wet, muddy ground.

This tent also features an easy to use electrical cord port and loads of storage. In all sizes there is an interior wall pocket that will allow you to keep valuables safe and insight.

In the 8 person and 10 person sizes, there is also extra storage in the roof. This loft storage bag is mesh and will keep your valuables safe and even allow you to see notifications and watch videos through the mesh.

With a promise that you can set this tent up in 60 seconds, it’s useful in general but this is especially great if the heavy rain has already started when you get to the campsite.


  • 60 second set up
  • Rainfly
  • Internal wall gear pocket
  • Loft gear storage space
  • Waterproof doormat included
  • Multiple capacities available
  • Electrical cord port


  • Only available in one color


MOON LENCE Camping Tent 2/4/6 Person Family Tent Double Layer Outdoor Tent Waterproof Windproof Anti-UV … (Green, 6-Person)

Sizes when unfolded:

2 Person: 7ft x 5ft x 4ft

4 Person: 7ft x 7ft x 4ft 3”

6 Person: 9ft x 7ft x 5ft


2 Person: 5.95lbs

4 Person: 7.49lbs

6 Person: 9lbs

Color(s) Available: Green/Orange

This MOON LENCE tent is a simple and classic looking product that has a lot of great features. It can withstand up to 1000mm of rainfall and is also UV resistant. 

One of the features that makes this tent great for heavy rain is the rainfly. A rainfly is an additional layer of waterproof material that acts almost as a secondary wall to provide extra coverage against rainfall. 

Even with the rainfly, this tent is still lightweight and breathable. This is due to the sections of mesh in the back wall that allow for good airflow and ventilation. The rainfly covers these mesh areas, so you won’t have to worry about rain coming in through the mesh. 

There are also additional layers that can be zipped over the mesh sections or rolled down and clipped in place. This will provide you with extra protection against rainfall, cold weather, and will also provide some extra privacy. There is also a ground vent to provide better ventilation.


  • Multiple capacity options available
  • Affordable
  • Double layer
  • UV resistant


  • Limited color range


Coleman Sundome Camping Tent, 4 Person, Palm Green

Sizes when unfolded:

2 Person: 7ft x 5ft x 4ft
3 Person: 7ft x 7ft x 4ft 4”
4 Person: 9ft x 7ft x 4ft 11”
6 Person: 10ft x 10ft x 6ft

Color(s) Available: Green/Blue

The overall structure of this tent is great for heavy rain. The rainfly is clipped to the tent poles and then to the ground rings. This provides a separate canopy that will keep the rain well away from the main tent walls.

The rainfly is also structured to point out at the back, providing extra protection against rain for the ground vent. 

This tent is set up by placing the poles through slots in the roof and then placing the ends into pockets at each corner. There are rings on the bottom four corners that the stakes are hammered through. 

The rainfly is then clipped to the poles and then also to the ground rings. There are also guy ropes that can be hammered into the ground. This tent is great for heavy rain and also sturdy enough to withstand winds of 35mph and more.

Another rainproofing feature are the inverted seams. As well as being made from waterproof material, it’s also important for the seams, mesh sections, and vents to all protect against rain.


  • Large rainfly
  • 2 colors available 
  • Affordable
  • Interior gear pocket


  • Stakes are quite thin


Genius Earth Travel/Hiking Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder, Set of 2 Bottles Included. Multipurpose Waterproof Waist Bag and Lumbar Pouch – Fits Women, Men and Kids. Perfect Dog Walking Pack.

Sizes when unfolded: 

2 Person: 7ft 5” x 4ft 6” x 3ft 6”

3 Person: 7ft 5” x 6ft 2” x 3ft 9”


2 Person: 2.49kg

3 Person: 3.4kg

Color(s) Available:  

Grey White and Wine Red/Orange and Black/Dark Green/Gray and Light Gray/Gray and Wine Red/Yellow and Light Gray

The most stand-out feature of this tent is the canopy rainfly on the 3 person version.

The rainfly attaches to the ground and almost completely covers the tent and touches the ground. Around ¾ of the tent is covered with the canopy so you can be sure no water will be getting in.

It is also available in several different colors. These colors aren’t the most standard but are fun and bright. Unfortunately, not all sizes are available in all of the colors.

Although these are small tents, they won’t feel like it. The door is large and there is a large mesh section at the back, which also provides ventilation.


  • Wide range of colors available
  • Extra-large canopy rainfly
  • Wide range of colors available


  • Colors vary depending on capacity


The second Coleman on this list is a great choice if you need something small that can still withstand some heavy rainfall. 

These tents have quite small rainflies, but they will still do the job. The compact style has a rainfly that covers only half of the front door. But due to the way it is clipped down at an angle, it is excellent for deflecting rain away.

The standard styles also have small rainflies but are extra long and have a section at the front that is almost an entranceway. This section provides a secondary door and also has plastic windows, instead of mesh, so you can be sure that it will keep the space dry.

This is also a nice feature if you enjoy the rain and want some fresh air, as you will be able to have the doors open while it’s raining and be able to see out. 

This also works as a space to leave dirty and muddy shoes and clothing, a staple of a rainy camping trip.


  • Extended entrance
  • Compact version available
  • Internal storage pocket


  • Small rainfly

Best Tents For Heavy Rain Buying Guide

Waterproof Ratings

Most tents will have their level of waterproofness (yes, it’s a word) displayed in mm. It’s fairly straightforward and means that a tent that is rated “1000mm” can withstand 1000mm of water. But what does this mean and how can you tell how much rain is falling in mm?

This is difficult and you of course can’t determine exactly how much rain is falling without a measuring device (which you don’t need). For scale, the average umbrella waterproofness rating is around 420mm. 

So, as long as your tent can withstand more than 420mm of water, then it’s waterproof. How much water a tent can withstand is actually not the only thing to consider when looking for a tent for heavy rain. Most tents are waterproof or at least water-resistant.

What you need to think about is the shape, strength, and durability of the tent.

The material stopping water coming inside the tent should be a given, but it’s not very useful if it’s pooling on the roof or coming in through the zippers and seams. Don’t just look for a waterproof tent, try and look at every feature. 


One thing to consider when purchasing a tent is whether or not you will need windows. Most small capacity tents don’t include windows, but larger tents usually do. These higher capacity tents can feature either plastic or mesh windows.

You have probably already realized what the problem is here and, yes, it is the word “mesh”. “Waterproof” and “mesh” are not two words that are often found together. When shopping for a tent that will withstand heavy rain, it’s best to look for one with plastic windows.

If you prefer mesh windows so that you can air the tent and let in some sunshine when it’s not raining, then look for something that provides an extra layer of covering for the windows.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are all tents waterproof?

“Waterproof” is a term that is used a lot but not always accurately. Sometimes, when something is described as waterproof, it is actually only water-resistant or will withstand small amounts of water.

If you expect heavy rain on your camping trip, look for something that is described as waterproof. But, also double-check the other claims about the product and make sure it is sturdy, has additional coverings for any mesh areas, and has a strong and waterproof zipper.

Should you put a tarp over your tent?

This depends on the type of tent you have. If your tent isn’t strong enough for heavy rain, then placing a tarp over it can be a way of adding another layer of protection.

But this can be a difficult process. If you’re camping in woodland, then you will have to be able to tie the tarp to some trees or maybe stake it in the ground. If you’re camping in a clear area, then you will definitely have to stake it. 

Tarp is designed to keep items from getting wet, but this is mostly things like building equipment or cars. Keeping people dry is a whole other issue. Tarps can also easily come loose and flap around. 

Tarp is also quite expensive. So if you’re considering buying some as an additional layer for your tent, you might actually be better off buying a new tent that will fare better in heavy rain.

If you’re going to be spending money, it’s worth investing in something that is designed specifically for the purpose. This way you know it will do exactly what you need it to and can trust that it will last a long time.

When investing in a good tent for heavy rain, try and find one with a rainfly that will provide extra protection against rainfall.

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