Camping Gear On The Camper’s Christmas Wish List

With Christmas right around the corner, we wanted to talk about the camping gear that is on top of every camper’s Wish List. So Santa, if you’re reading this, one word: please!Camper's Christmas List


Lighthouse 250 Lantern by GoalZero:

Goal Zero LanternThis incredibly bright LED lantern is perfect for any camping situations. One of the best parts of this lantern is the different brightness levels. You’re able to light up an entire campsite on the brightest level, or the lowest setting is perfect when it is time to calm the kiddos down but still need a small amount of light in the tent. An added bonus feature is the rechargeable battery; it will recharge either by the solar panel on top, or plugged in to the USB power source. Though the price is a bit higher than your average LED lantern, we know that camper on your list won’t stop thanking you. Price: $79.99

Volcano 3 Volcano GrillCollapsible Grill/Stove by Volcano Grills:

This grill is the perfect companion to making great food while camping. The Volcano 3 is extremely versatile as it allows you to cook with three different fuel types: charcoal, propane, wood (the Volcano 2 only uses charcoal and wood). We love this grill for cooking delicious Dutch oven dinners. When using the propane to cook with the Volcano LID, your Dutch oven dinners come out beautiful! The Volcano 3 is also excellent for emergency preparedness. This is a must have
for every Camper Cook on your list. Price: $129.99

Tundra 75 Cooler by Yeti Coolers:

Yeti CoolerThis cooler is the real deal. The camper on your list needs this cooler,  since you can’t bring your deep freezer on your next camping trip. With this cooler full of ice, you will definitely be able to keep your food on your next weekend excursion. We also love the bear proof design, thus making it a top pick for when your family is camping in the wild outdoors. Price: $449.99

Grizzlyblackpine1-4073web_1 2-Person -25F Ripstop Sleeping Bag by Blackpine Sports:

This sleeping bag is our favorite part of family camping! After a fun day camping, there is no better feeling than cuddling up with your loved one. We used to hate sleeping apart when we went camping, but now that problem is solved! Though we are sure that there will be plenty of heat between you two, this bag will keep you warm in nearly any condition. Plus, when it is too warm for all that flannel,  When we say comfy camping, this is what we are talking about! Price: $159.99

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