Romantic Camping for Valentine’s Day

Since Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, it’s time we talk about how to turn a normal camping trip into a romantic weekend getaway that will be sure to impress your special someone. What is more romantic than star-gazing, cuddled up with your partner while feeling the heat of the campfire next to you? With that in mind, here are a few tips to transform your normal camping trip into an enchanting weekend that will be sure to bring you two closer together.

Romantic Camping Tips

  1. Make Reservations – Nothing is more frustrating than having your camping trip get started on the wrong foot. Make sure you have reservations at a peaceful campsite that isn’t too busy.

    Pro Tip: Reserve the campsite that is farthest from the camp’s entrance. It is usually more secluded and there’s less people around, ensuring you have a quieter weekend.

  3. Use a Turbo Tent – Trust us, this will not only impress your significant other with how fast it is to set-up, but it will save you the headache of fighting with the too-hard-to-set-up tents. Your perfect weekend should not start out by wrestling with a tent for 30 minutes. Set it up in 60 seconds, and get on to the more fun things of the weekend.
  4. Cook your meal – A man cooking can be extremely attractive for a woman. That is taken up to another level when you are cooking in the outdoors. Look up some Dutch oven recipes and impress her with good food.
  5. Romantic Camping tips

  6. Make S’mores – Cuddled up in front of the campfire, roasting marshmallows – this is a perfect scene. Throw in the added benefit of the aphrodisiac properties of the melted chocolate you are creating the perfect romantic camping trip.
  7. Go Star Gazing – Being in the outdoors, removed from the bright city lights gives you a front row seat to beautiful light show that Mother Nature puts on every night. Nothing sets the mood more than cuddling up and looking at the stars.

    Pro Tip: Download an app for star gazing so you can see where the different constellations are located. Or get creative and make up your own constellations that have meaning to only you and your partner.

  9. Get a Double Sleeping Bag– However your night ends up, you DO NOT want to end up sleeping in different sleeping bags. Even two sleeping bags zipped together does not offer the comfort and freedom that a double sleeping bag gives you. Once you realize there is no zipper down the middle, you’ll understand why you need to get the double sleeping bag.

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